Twitter Tweets for Rainmeter
By ~ addyf812   Size: 2.4 MB   Rating: ★★★★☆   Updated: 2012-04-07

The skin shows the latest tweets from your Twitter timeline. Another skins included, which allows to see the tweets of user via the RSS link. You can choose 1, 3 or 5 different users display the 5 most recent tweets.
Make sure you already connected to Internet to make this thing work.

Double click on the .rmskin file, it should install everything automatically.
Click 'Settings' button to set up your Twitter username and password. Change the view of your avatar picture on the tiny twitter icon. Be patient if the skin takes time to reload after set.

For users skin, you can change the every UserName and Avatars under Settings to whatever Twitter username you want to follow. Make sure you be careful when change the UpdateDivider as twitter can denied you access for a time. You can manually refresh by clicking on the icon.

~poiru (gnometer twitter code & config tool)

Thanks to ~poiru for his awesome twitter configuration tool and mostly i look at .ini files made by ~Bhaal5001 on his Twitter skin rainmeter.

Any bugs or suggestion, just let me know