Gnometer for Rainmeter
By ~ poiru   Size: 1.2 MB   Rating: ★★★★☆   Updated: 2012-03-28

Update 13 Februray 2010: Gnometer is out! Mainly a bugfix release, although some new features have been added. See below for more information.

Rainmeter 2.0 is required.

* Fixed: 0% transparency wasn't selectable in Settings skin
* Fixed: Gcal issues (hopefully)
* Fixed: Recycle Bin/Gmail icons did were static regardless of trash/mail condition
* Changed: Separated track and title in Spotify and WinAmp skins and added popup variants
of them
* Added: Text shadow can be disabled (Settings.ini -> Colors)
* ... plus other minor fixes and tweaks

Full changelog: gnometer.log


I plan to release Gnometer 1.4 in a few weeks. That will hopefully fix uTorrent skin issues and add a couple of new skins (CoreTemp, SpeedFan) for temperature monitoring.

Thanks to ~perfectska04 (icons), ~DarKobra (weather, Twitter, Facebook icons), and the following for code: ~Kaelri, ~toastbrotpascal, ~jsmorley, kenz0. Also =JAXMP for Facebook skin idea. Let me know if you're missing. The background of the screenshot above is from .