Rainify 1.0 Final
By ~ poiru   Size: 866 KB   Rating: ★★★★☆   Updated: 2012-03-28

Version 1.0 final out! Brings fixes to Facebook, improvements to Media Player skins, as well Aero blur support on Vista/7.

Note: Rainmeter 2.1 beta required, get it from rainmeter.net.

1.1 coming later on with cool new stuff (temperature monitoring among other things)

What is Rainify?
Rainify is a suite for Rainmeter and aims to be both functional and elegant.
Everything is customizable with the included configuration skin. You can change the opacity, colors, and more in just a few clicks.

Rainify includes the following set of skins:
- Battery, Calendar, Clock
- Disks (can display up to 8 drives)
- Facebook
- Feeds (up to 4 feeds)
- Gcal (Google Calendar)
- Gmail (Google Mail)
- InterfaceLIFT
- Media Player (supports iTunes, WMP, Spotify, foobar2000, and WinAmp)
- Network, Notes, Recycle Bin, Slideshow, System, Twitter, Weather, Word of the Day, Wireless

Sounds great! How do I install?
Simply click download (the link is on the top left of this page).
If the file doesn't automatically open, double-click on it to install.

Rainmeter 1.3 or higher required to install. Get the latest version of Rainmeter from rainmeter.net.

Plz help?!
Before asking for help, be sure to read the Rainify manual over at poiru.net.
If you can't find your answer there, leave a comment below.

Reporting Bugs
If you find something wrong with Rainify, leave a bug report at Google Code or just leave a comment below.
Please use Google Code if at all possible, as it makes keeping track much easier

Icons by  (gentleface). Weather icons by ~DarKobra. Calendar based on the work of ~alex2539. Wallpaper in screenshot from  (fiftyfootshadows.net). Color selection tool created by ~jsmorley.