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Day July 9, 2009. Weather is the problem solved. What has happened is that weather.com have replaced the "xoap" to "xml". To solve the configuration of Rainmeter must be changed "xoap" to "xml" in the link. For example:

h t t p://xoap.weather.com/weather/local/SPXX0050?cc=*&unit=m&dayf=6


h t t p://xml.weather.com/weather/local/SPXX0050?cc=*&unit=m&dayf=6

Remove spaces of "h t t p"


Config weather

Go to this page [link] , in the top table, that says "Enter ZIP or US / world city", write your city and press "Search". In the new page, copy the code of your location that contains the link, has 8 figures, for example SPXX0050.

Screenshot: [link]

Then paste your code at this link

>> h t t p://xml.weather.com/weather/local/your_code?cc=*&unit=m&dayf=6

where it says "your_code" (this is the link that I use for my location, it works correctly). Copy the entire link (with your code introducedand remove spaces of "h t t p") and paste it in the .INI file (search for your_url).

In theory it has to work. Check the time it shows in the computer with time on the street for a few days. If not comment in here.

Modify menu (software)

Let me give an example of how to change a shortcut.

I want to change the Foobar to Winamp, I open the file menu.ini that is located inside the folder menu. It contains several functions, but the that interest me are the last two, called [MeterFoobar1.txt] and [MeterFoobar2.txt], the function [MeterFoobar1.txt] corresponds to the "Music" and the corresponds [MeterFoobar2.txt] to "Foobar".

Within the two functions, have a property called "Prefix", this property is the name shown. In the first function is "Music" and in the second is "Foobar", this change is for "Winamp". For example:

>> Prefix="Winamp"

I have the name changed, now I need to change the route. There is a property called "LeftMouseDownAction", gives the option to run. Just need to change the route of "Foobar" to "Winamp" in the two functions. For example:

>> LeftMouseDownAction=!Execute ["C:\Archivos de programa\winamp\winamp.exe"]


All questions here and sorry for my spelling...