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RainmeterSkin Gallery with OneClick download and install skin for Rainmeter.

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No need to install, Just copy file "SkinGallery.exe" into Rainmeter's folder and run. Then you can free download hundreds of selected Rainmeter skins and themes with OneClick to install and launch.

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Rainmeter Skin Gallery Software Lets You Easily Download And Install 240+ Skins - by

Rainmeter undoubtedly the best free desktop customization application available for Windows. Compatible with all active versions of Windows, it lets you make your desktop not only beautiful but also informative. There are hundreds – maybe even thousands – of fantastic skins are available on the Internet for this freeware.

For beginners, browsing and installing a new skin for Rainmeter might seem like a difficult task. Even though many skins are available in .rmskin format for direct installation, some skins that come in zip format need to be copied to the Rainmeter skins folder manually.

Users who are new to Rainmeter and want to easily download and install new skins can now take the help of free software named Rainmeter Skin Gallery to easily download and install skins.

Rainmeter Skin Gallery(Power by is a portable software and lets you install new skins in a jiffy. The current version of the software offers you over 240 skins to choose from. It even lets you download the Rainmeter software, if you haven’t installed it already!

The best thing about this program is that you can view the developer’s name of the skin, skin release date, supported Rainmeter versions, and any other related information such as download size, and rating before downloading the skin. You can also visit the original developer’s page of a skin by clicking on the author’s name available at the upper left of the window.

To install a skin, launch the Skin Gallery, browse the skin you wish to install, click on the skin to find more details, and finally click on download link to download and automatically install the skin. Once installed, you can enable the new skin by right-clicking on the Rainmeter icon in the system tray (notification area).

And moreover, it’s a portable software, which means that you can run without actually installing it. Supports both x86 and x64 versions of Windows, including Windows 8.

You might also like to try out XWidget, another desktop customization software.

Download Rainmeter Skin Gallery

Browse Rainmeter Themes With Rainmeter Skin Gallery For Windows - by

Rainmeter is a popular desktop customization tool for all recent versions of the Windows operating system. Rainmeter ships as a single executable with options to install a full or portable version on the system. This is unlike full conversion themes that require you to make changes to core system files before they can be installed. The default Rainmeter installation adds several widgets, like date and time, system resource usage or network information to the desktop which you can move freely around.

The welcome message links to recommended resources, including suggested skins that you can install on your system. A better destination for skins is the Rainmeter Skin website which offers plenty of them as downloads.

Each skin is displayed with a preview screenshot, name and author on the main screen. A click opens the skin’s profile page on the site with additional information and download options.

Rainmeter Skin Gallery

And exactly that functionality has now been moved into a desktop app for Windows. When you start the portable app on your system, you will notice that it looks and behaves identical to the web version, with the difference that the browser interface has been removed.

Skins that you select can automatically be launched by Rainmeter to trigger the installation on the system. Rainmeter skins are automatically installed this way, but not activated automatically. A right-click on the program’s system tray icon and the selection of manage displays the configuration screen where you can load individual modules or switch between themes.

Skins in this regard are collections of individual modules that you can activate on your desktop, while themes usually consist of multiple modules that you can activate with a single-click. You can also save your own with mixed modules from various skins.

Closing Words

Rainmeter Skin Gallery brings skin browsing to the desktop. It does not really have any advantages over the website, which is without doubt the program’s biggest issue right now. Options to select multiple themes for installation or management of installed themes could set it apart from the web service.

Download Rainmeter Skin Gallery

Download desktop skins, launchers, and widgets with ‘RainMeter Skins Gallery’ - by

RainMeter, to quote our original review of it, is “one of the most powerful free desktop customization and widget engines on the Windows platform”. This software has more mature since we wrote about it more than a year ago, with more and more user-generated skins, tools, and tweaks. The ‘RainMeter Skins Gallery’ is exactly what sounds like, a gallery of some of the best and/or most interesting RainMeter downloads. It comes in two flavors: a web page, which displays the skins and widgets as thumbnails, as well as a local download, which displays thumbnails on your desktop.

Some notes:

  • You will need to have RainMeter installed in order to use the skins/widgets from the skins gallery. Go here to get RainMeter.
  • Although in many ncases each thumbnail in the skins gallery represents desktop elements that are grouped together as a ‘skin’, in reality you can mix and match, activating and deactivating disparate elements as you please.
  • Some of the downloads contain individual widgets and/or launchers, and not a group of objects.
  • You will need to be online in order to view the gallery, even when using the executable desktop version.

[Thanks go to reader Panzer for the tip about this resource]

View the ‘RainMeter Skins Gallery’ online, or click on the ‘download gallery’ tab to download the desktop version.